Southeast Contracting Services is a staffing company based in the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas that specializes in staffing for construction and food packaging throughout the country.

Southeast’s main principles are:

Communication – is key. Always being on the same page with our clients is very important to know that we are doing our job correctly, smoothly, and that results are being delivered.

Having great communication will ensure that our work is done fluently and in a timely manner.

Family – it is important to know that everyone is together as a team and family. We are all working to achieve the same goal. We will all be more successful by working closely together as a team.

Commitment – we want to help solve our clients’ labor-shortage challenges. Our commitment begins with our hiring process, coordination, and operation. We employ the best candidates that we can find. Mission Statement- We want to help companies with staffing challenges for any project or season by providing them with the specific type of labor they need with exceptional service. Values: We are consistently serving our clients and jobseekers by following these core values: Integrity Consistency Accessibility Striving for Excellence.